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Paleo Burn -Effective,Safe,Quick and Natural Way to Lose Weight

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Why Paleo Burn Works?

paleo burn product image

Paleo Burn, previously known as Primal Burn, is the latest rage in the weight loss nutrition. The quick results it produces and ease with which a person can lose weight without having to count calories or exhaust him or herself in a gym is, simply put, incredible.

And since it promises quick and easy results, there is bound to be skepticism and disbelief. To get to the truth, it is important to focus on how it actually works so that we can understand how it produces such amazing results.

Ever wondered why we react so instinctively when an insect or a snake crawls up our legs? The answer is in evolutionary biology. Our pre-historic ancestors who used to live in caves could ward off danger from predatory animals by simply closing the mouth of the cave or by lighting a fire at the opening.

But this still didn’t protect them from insects, snakes or any creature that can crawl through cracks of the rocks. So the humans developed an evolutionary instinct to quickly wake up and shake off their hands and legs when they sense anything creeping on their bodies.

The interesting thing is modern habitats we now inhabit are almost completely free of snakes and a large number of insects but still we display a fight or flight response when we feel something is creeping on our bodies even if it turns out to be a rope.

This is because modern civilization is at best four or five thousand years old while our evolutionary instincts and biological adaptations date back to hundreds of thousands of years. If you think human evolution as a 100-meter line, the first 99.5 meters of line represent our hunter-gatherer era while the remaining 0.5 meters represent the agricultural, industrial and post-industrial eras.

Similarly, human bodies have evolved to digest meat, vegetables and fruits. They are not designed to live on grains, pasta, bread, and diet coke. Hunter-gatherer humans back then were tall, muscular, athletic, agile and healthy but 21st century humans are overweight, stressed, out of shape and suffer from a variety of affluence diseases.

It would be stupid to run a diesel-car on kerosene and then wonder why it spews out so much smoke. Similarly, when you feed your body with processed foods it is not habituated to digest, no wonder it becomes obese and suffers from related health complications.

Paleo Burn reverses this process by reverting back to diet our bodies are supposed to have. By eating foods our cavemen ate, we, first, take off the burden of digesting cereal grains that contain harmful gluten and lectins and second, strike the right hormonal balance to burn fats in a natural and safe way.

Paelo Burn or Primal Burn diet almost relieves the body from having to digest sugar unless it’s the sugar from natural fruits. It also vastly reduces or eliminates carbohydrate-heavy and fat-heavy processed foods.

Paleo Burn Fat Burner System is a collection of modern-day recipes using caveman ingredients. If the cavemen didn’t eat it, then you don’t either. This system primarily consists of grass-fed meat, fowl, wild (not farmed) fish, eggs, vegetables (but not deep-fried), natural oils (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil), fruits, nuts and tubers.

Paleo Burn diet not only reduces fat but also increases your energy levels, energizes your metabolism and creates a lasting change in your lifestyle body response. You can develop lean, hard, sculpted and toned bodies without burning yourself in a gym (though you are required to do some basic exercises). You will feel more alive and active.

Paleo Burn News – The Diet

Paleo Burn Overview

Without a doubt, healthy weight management goes in tandem with a sound nutritional and exercise regimen, as well as an active lifestyle. Yet so many of us today, find ourselves on the short end of the stick. After countless weight management programs and fad diets promising to help folks shed weight, the average person unfortunately, fails to accomplish any long-term fitness goals.

What’s needed though is a system that works for everybody, no matter what your age group or lifestyle. Working towards your goals under the right parameters, the Paleo Burn diet gives you tools that’ll help you sculpt your body into the body of your dreams and enjoy the long-term health benefits in the process. The Paleo Burn  Diet is your one-stop destination that makes you look and feel younger, stronger and more confident than ever before.

If you want to sculpt a lean, toned and “well-equipped” body, this is the diet that your system has been genetically programmed to take advantage of  The  system covers all aspects from meal timing, to the right kind of exercise and food choices, depending on your individual goals and aspirations. The very reason this system works is due to a scientific approach used exclusively in paleo diets – The Paleo Burn Lifestyle Pattern Response which releases a specific hormone in the body that starts to restore the body to a more youthful, energetic and physically ready state.

All Things Insulin

Before we start to dive deeper into these diet parameters, there are certain foods you must avoid altogether. Eliminate these, and you can embark on the road to weight loss, and preferably keep it at bay in the long run. That food is “grains”. Yes, despite the good press circulating grains and typically “whole grains”, this is actually cattle food and not meant to be ingested by humans. Grains sold in the market and stores are often processed and despite all the “good stuff” we’ve been hearing about them, they do in fact, trigger spikes in insulin. Let’s take a look how that spells disaster for weight loss.

Simple carbohydrates send your blood sugar or insulin levels through the roof. Cutting back on these (including processed grains) will keep insulin release under control. Furthermore, when your insulin is steady, you’re essentially in a far burning state, and your body has the tools it needs to start using fat stores as an energy source. You will naturally burn more calories, not only when you’re physically active but also at rest. You’ll also effectively avoid the dips in energy and periods of exhaustion and lethargy, followed by an insulin spike.

Another food that has a similar fat-loss blunting effect is cereal. These and other grains have become a standard in the US diet. The result – out of control obesity. Keeping your insulin levels frequently high does not only lead to dips in energy levels, but actually leads to several diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and arthritis.

Take a chance on the Paleo Burn diet, what have you got to lose? In less than a week, you’ll experience surges in energy levels and none of the lethargy between meals. In under a month, you’ll be admiring the changes to your physique in the mirror, as you try to get over the initial compliments! When you’re in a position to steer hormones that govern fat loss, you are setting yourself up to reach the next level of fitness.


The general essence behind a fit and toned body is this – gain lean mass, lose fat. With the right kind of foods, your body releases HGH (human growth hormone), which controls how much lean muscle you can put on. It also plays a key role in maintaining youthful vigor, sustaining energy levels, and repairing damage done by toxins that are frankly, hard to avoid. Having more of this precious hormone means having the ability to burn more calories and a metabolism that functions well around the clock.

Conventional workout regimens require that you workout at least 10 hours a week or more. What it often doesn’t take into account is the fact that rest and relaxation plays even a more crucial role in taking advantage of your diet and exercise regimen. Add to that the lack of rest, stress from work, and personal obligations/matters. This unfortunately, causes the body to release excess amounts of cortisol, a stress hormone. It will also prevent HGH from functioning at its peak. Cortisol is widely referred to as the “gut fat hormone”. Therefore, rest should be a very high priority. In fact, with the right amount of rest and relaxation, you are enabling the body to release a surge of hormones that will be on standby, to burn fat as and when needed!

Tapping Into Genetics

Enter the Paleo Burn Fat Burner System. Let us examine more closely what it really is and how it can be a life-altering experience for you. The system, in essence, is a complete lifestyle system that revolves around an ancient genetic code – The Caveman; men and women whose bodies were lean and hard. Sculpted and built to athletic perfection. The exciting thing to note here is every person’s DNA has been embedded with that code. What you need to do is to tap into that inner-caveman! The best part is, you don’t have to be a “pre-athlete” or a very active person to take advantage of the  diet. This revolutionary system is even effective for people who:

  • Have a slow metabolism
  • Have diabetes
  • A thyroid condition
  • Have tried other diet approaches and failed to keep up or gain ground
  • Always have been on the “heavy side” or have a hereditary weight problem
  • Have abandoned all hope thinking nothing will work

The  System takes into account how the pre-historic man never gave birth to overweight or unfit offspring. It capitalizes on patterns taken from nature and how to manipulate that process. The information that’s been discovered over the years about HGH bears more fruit than experts are willing to admit or disclose. Discover The Primal Lifestyle Pattern Response that puts your body in a permanent fat-burning mode and takes full advantage of the right food choices, consumed at the right times. None of your hard work and labor goes to waste.

Folks end up paying thousands of dollars each year to health-care specialists and nutritionists. Consider this as an investment – The Paleo Burn Fat Burner System can be yours for a whopping $37.

For more information, go right ahead and look up some of Paleo Burn systems, health supplements and customer testimonials on



How paleo breakfast recipes solves your weight loss issue

A large number of people desire to get Paleo Breakfast Recipes book. This healthy breakfast recipes guide serves as your best step in reaching your preferred weight and body figure. Through this book, you will understand how Paleo diet can help in transforming your health condition and lifestyle. The purpose of this book is to provide details about and solutions to weight issues.

Whether you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy body, this book is right for you. It covers extensive information that will meet your needs. In most cases, people who opt to reduce body fats or lose weight prefer to enroll in fitness gym programs. They also follow complicated training exercises and deprive themselves of their favorite foods. If you want to reduce your fats easily, all you need is to get Paleo Breakfast Recipes book.  This book can really help you solve your issues without any tough methods. If you want to know the different facts about this book, take the succeeding paragraphs as your guide.

Product Description

The paleo breakfast recipes book has specific and healthy breakfast recipes.  These recipes are divided into several categories and they are easy to follow. As compared to others, you will never find it hard in understanding this book. Since the book is divided into chapters, you can choose and prepare your breakfast in an instant. It explains how to set up your amazing breakfast experience.  The Paleo recipes included in this book are best not only for adults, but for children as well. Since this book has multiple recipes, you will never feel bored in preparing your breakfast.

Details included in Paleo diet breakfast are all approved by experts. In fact, this book is also supported by professional nutritionists and researches. In getting this book, you will be guided with the right and sufficient Paleo diet procedure. Therefore, you don’t need to spend more money for your daily training program or surgical procedure.

Product Features

The Paleo Breakfast Recipes book has extensive features for effective weight loss solution. These features will pave the way for you to achieve remarkable results. If you are not aware of these features, here they are:

  • Includes easy-to-follow and easy-to-prepare recipes that will meet your budget
  • Enumerates the different breakfast selections that will suit the needs of busy individuals
  • Included recipes are also best for children and for the whole family
  • This book includes vegetarian breakfast recipes
  • Includes drinkable breakfast  for successful weight loss solution
  • Every recipe is delicious and irresistible
  • It also use simples terms and phrases for easy preparation and cooking



Since there are thousands of people who keep on using the Paleo Breakfast recipes book, you might also get tempted to purchase this book. Before you get this book, ask yourself about the real benefits of this Paleo diet. To answer your questions, take time to ask experts or simply read some reviews online. This book is made by a food nutritionist and expert. Therefore, all details included in this book will be proven safe and effective. Another best thing about this book is its affordable pricing. Instead of spending more money in various training activities or buying any weight loss pills, this book is the cheapest among all weight loss methods. The Paleo diet breakfast recipesincluded hereare delicious and nutritious. Therefore, you will love eating your meals even though you are on a Paleo diet. This book also offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Meaning, the author of this book will refund you if the book did not work for you.

Paleo breakfast recipes book is filled with tips and strategies on how to make your breakfast meal even healthier and effective. Though you are on a diet, you will never feel deprived of your favorite foods. Paleo recipes also include alternative foods for your all-time favorite meals. Through following the different recipes, you will never suffer from weight issues and other related problems. These different recipes are best to make you even more active and strong.


The paleo breakfast recipes may also include a few drawbacks. However, these flaws are not too complicated than what you think. There are some recipes that require expertise, and if you inaccurately follow the suggested procedures, you will not be able to prepare the menu you want. In addition, since you are following the needed ingredients and steps, you have to allocate enough money for your daily meal. Though most of the ingredients in this book are very easy to acquire, you still need to make an effort to get first grade ones. Like other books, Paleo Breakfast recipes guide requires accurate understanding.


Finding the best method to lose weight is not simple. However, if you know the different programs and health books available in the market, you will find it very easy. Instead of enrolling in any fitness gym programs or taking multiple supplements, you can solve your weight loss issues through getting Paleo Breakfast Recipes book. This book is designed to help you in achieving a perfect body figure and weight.

Upon getting this effective book, all you need to do is understand every page. Explore and prepare the different ingredients for breakfast meal. Whether you are busy in your daily activities or not, there is a perfect recipe designed for you. To achieve a successful weight loss solution, make sure that you prepare healthy meals every day. There are some people who keep on complaining about its results. If you don’t want to be disappointed on its outcome, you should abide by every rule required in dieting. You also need to control yourself from consuming unhealthy foods. Your body fats will soon be reduced and you will be able to achieve the kind of body you have always desired.

Make your mornings more beautiful and special by cooking Paleo breakfast recipes now! You will surely enjoy every moment you spend in the kitchen.

Paleo Cookbooks – Paleo Recipe Guide to Healthy Eating

paleo cookbooks download pdf

The rising demand for Paleo Cookbooks is continuously increasing. Since there are millions of people who are longing to lose weight and achieve a healthy living, they keep on searching for the best and cookbooks.  Nikki Young made these books to help obese and unhealthy people.  With the included Paleo recipes, people will be aware of the different healthy herbs and foods which will help them prevent any diseases.

Paleo Cookbooks is designed to help you with your existing problems. Losing weight can’t be easily done within a short period of time. It also requires you to spend more time in focusing on the exact foods you need to eat. Before you get decide getting these cookbooks, you should know first how they function and how they can help people with weight problems.

Product Description

The Paleo Cookbooks is divided into two sets of books. The first book includes the different recipes for the 21st Century Hunter.  In this book, you will view various recipes with easy-to-follow procedures.  Depending on your preferences, you can get spaghetti, curries, Noodles, Singapore Style Asian dish and other healthy foods. Instead of visiting different restaurants, these cookbooks will help you recognize the different foods that will meet your needs. The second book, on the other hand, is called Paleo Eating for Modern People. Like the first book, it enumerates the special healthy foods. However, these foods are different and are not found in the first set of book.

Apart from its two sets of books, it also offers various bonuses.  These bonuses include the 30-day meal plan, 4-ingredients Paleo Cookbook and First Edition of the Paleo Cookbook. All of these bonuses are effective in achieving your desired results.
paleo recipes

Product Features

These Paleo Cookbooks will never be effective and valuable to all users without its remarkable features, and these are following:

  • Loaded with nutritious recipes that will meet your budget and needs
  • Has two sets of books that focus on healthy living
  • With step-by-step procedures and guided tips to make a delicious menu
  • Every recipe has simple and easy to follow procedure.
  • Supported by nutritionists and proven effective for losing weight
  • With eBook format for easy access and understanding
  •  Multiple recipes to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • No risk involved and satisfaction guaranteed



Practicing Paleo diet is not a complicated procedure. As long as you know the different foods and recipes, you can easily achieve the best result. Those who are familiar with the Cookbooks may ask, what makes it more effective and beneficial to users? If you are asking similar questions, you should start reading its reviews online. Based on the given features, these cookbooks provide comprehensive details about Paleo recipes. Every included recipe is not common to all since it contains healthy ingredients. Since these cookbooks have procedures on how to prepare meals, you don’t need to worry and spend more effort. Just follow every step to cook nutritious and mouth-watering menu.

Another best thing about these Paleo Cookbook is its included bonuses. As soon as you get these cookbooks, you can also get various bonuses that will meet your needs for a healthy living.  These different bonuses are very effective in solving your weight loss and health issues. As compared to other health guides, these cookbooks also include strategies on how to make your cooking experience more fun and exciting. Every recipe has simple yet nutritious ingredients. Therefore, whatever recipes you pick, you can easily get the required ingredients in any grocery store. You don’t have to spend more money and time just to get these essential menu ingredients.

Paleo recipes included in these cookbooks are divided into various types. There are recipes that are best for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. With multiple selections, you will never get sick and tired of eating the same menu every day. Each day, there is a special menu that you can cook for the family.


Paleo Cookbook doesn’t have an extreme disadvantage. The main drawback that you might encounter is the time spent while reading the books. There are some users who are tired of reading eBooks. They just prefer to have an oral cooking lesson. If you would not read the basic step-by-step procedures, you will not be able to prepare and cook delicious foods accurately. Though there are various recipes, you should have time reading these guidelines. To avoid any troubles while preparing healthy recipes, make sure that you follow each step. Always make sure that you have proper cooking equipment, procedures and tips.

There are also some people who fail to reach their goals. Remember, the success of your Paleo diet depends on how you follow its guidelines. If you are practicing this type of diet, make sure that you do it regularly. Skipping meals will never lead to positive results. So, always stick to your menu guide or plan for great results.


If you want to lose weight and to achieve a healthy body, you should depend on Paleo Cookbooks. This is effective in removing your unwanted body fats. Upon getting these recipe guidelines, you can cook any foods you like without ruining your diet. Since this cookbook presents easy-to-follow procedures, you can prepare the menu within a short period of time. You will also enjoy your meals because aside from their nutritional benefits, they are all irresistible and delicious.

Getting a Paleo Cookbooks will make your life even better. With the different recipes in this book, you can choose anything you want. You can also teach your friends and other relatives to cook healthy menus.

As you can see, losing weight relies on your hands. If you know how to prepare dietary foods, you will be free from any health issues. Do you want to get the maximum benefits of a Paleo cookbook ? Then, you better start solving your problems now. By obtaining facts about Paleo recipes, you will be able to achieve the kind of body you have always wanted to have.



Explore and Practice Caveman Diet for Weight Loss


the paleo blueprint

A lot of people are practicing caveman diet. However, with various programs for solving weight loss problems, you probably think that this is one of the myriad promotional schemes. Those people who are currently on diet know its effective functions. caveman diet, also known as paleo diet, is proven valuable as compared to other programs.

To lose weight, there are some people who prefer to undergo several medications. They often negotiate with a surgeon to burn or eliminate their unwanted fats. Sometimes, they also spend more money in joining several fitness programs. Though there are various programs in the market, there are some people who feel dissatisfied on its results. Even if they keep on practicing regular training, they can’t easily reduce their fats. Believe it or not, you can lose weight within two months. How can you do it? The answer can be found through practicing caveman diet. This type of diet doesn’t include extreme and costly procedures. If you want to solve your current health and fitness issues, you must give a try.

Product Description

Healthy Weight Loss with Paleo Diet is a comprehensive eBook that provides a complete guide on how to have a nutritious living.  As the name implies, this type of diet pertains to the types of foods you need to eat.  If you are practicing this type of diet, you need to eat healthy meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, roots and nuts. Refined sugar, dairy products, legumes, processed oils and grains are all banned, as these types of foods appeared after the improvement of agriculture. While practicing this diet, you are also encouraged to consume a low carb and high protein diet. You must also replace grain and dairy products with vegetables and fresh fruits. These foods are often recommended because of their high nutrients such as Omega-3, antioxidant vitamins and soluble fibre.

This type of eBook provides basic and advanced steps to caveman diet. It teaches you to consume and prepare foods that will give your health a boost. This eBook also provides extensive tips on how to maintain your weight and remove undesired fats easily.


Product Features

Caveman diet doesn’t include tough and expensive procedures. Before practicing this type of diet, you should start knowing the exact features of this eBook. Through this, it would be easy for you to identify how it works.

  • This eBook explains the secret ways on how to lose weight
  • Since it is supported with experts and top weight researchers, this eBook is proven safe and effective to use
  • It also explains different facts about the exact numbers of calories you need to consume every day or each week for effective weight loss solution
  • This eBook also enumerates the different aspects affecting your overweight issues and how to get rid of these problems
  • It also enumerates adequate details on how Paleo diet can solve your weight loss problems
  • This eBook also focuses on the starving effects of your body
  • Provides complete details on how to create an effective diet plan
  •  It also covers how to stay healthy even suffering from stress or other discomfort



The Weight Loss with Paleo Diet eBook provides countless benefits to all users. With this, you will remain healthy. You can also workout without experiencing complicated procedures and don’t need to spend more time in any fitness centers. Since this eBook helps you understand the right amount of calories needed by your body every day, you don’t need to worry about counting calories. This remarkable eBook also includes delicious food homemade recipes that are very fast and easy-to-follow. After following the exact procedures, you can get rid of all health issues related to food consumption. You can also wear any dress you want since you already have a perfect body figure. Another best thing about this eBook is its additional bonuses. Upon getting this eBook, you can have a chance to get Paleo Recipe Book and Working out Guide. You can also get the Paleo Blueprint and Hypnosis for Weight Loss guide at reasonable costs.

After achieving the weight loss solutions provided by the Weight Loss with Paleo diet eBook, you don’t need to join various programs.  This eBook is effective not only for losing weight. It also helps in solving other related issues. The typical examples of these are acne, athletic performance, diabetes and heart disease.

Experts claim that the caveman diet included in this eBook emphasizes vegetable and fruit consumption. Therefore, it helps you in solving various diseases such as heart problem, cancer and diabetes. Once you practice this type of diet, you don’t need to have a regular exercise anymore.


Similar with other programs, this guide also has a few flaws. If you love eating pasta, desserts and breads, you have to refrain from eating these foods. This guide also requires careful planning. If you practice this diet with adequate steps, you will have assurance that calcium is sufficiently supplied. Another drawback of this diet is that it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. While practicing this diet, you may be socially disruptive. In case there is an occasion, you have to limit yourself from eating, especially when the offered foods are not suited for you. Though you need to refrain from eating non-advised foods, you can get the best weight and body figure you desire.


Practicing caveman diet brings new hope to all obese and unhealthy individuals. With the help of Weight Loss with Paleolithic diet, you no longer have to worry about your health and weight condition. You also don’t need to spend more money in removing your unwanted fats. The solution lies in your hands. If you practice this type of diet, all you have to do is wait for two months. After consuming the needed and right foods, expect that you will see its positive results. So, start solving your weight issues as soon as possible. Use this eBook discussing caveman diet and be amazed!


Paleo Diet For Athletes

Athletes in general need to have sustained nutrition. They engage in sports that take too much of their energy. Rarely do you see a professional athlete who does not eat the right kind of food. If an athlete is serious about his sport, then he would do everything to excel with the help of good nutrition and good sustenance for his sport. Diet plays a huge role when it comes to professional athletes. They never break their recommended diet. A lot of athletes always have a diet regimen to follow in order to maintain their health and increase their endurance.paleo in a box

A good diet to follow is paleo diet for athletes. Paleo diet is a diet that consists mainly of foods that are eaten raw and can sustain the nutritional needs of an athelete. Most of the foods found in paleo diet for athletes consist of vegetables, nuts, fish, raw meat, fruits, and other natural products. Paleo diet will never have processed or artificial food. Paleo diet is derived from the word paleolithic which is the age where cave men thrive upon eating different raw food. It was a time when the cavemen were able to sustain themselves with natural food products that can be found in nature. The same goes with paleo diet. Everything you eat is all natural.

The main benefit that athletes get with this diet is the consumption of whole natural food. There are no side effects or certain health problems with eating via paleo diet. When people start eating processed foods, they will begin to feel ill in the long run. But with this kind of diet, athletes will surely benefit the natural healthy way of eating. The nutritional values obtained from eating this kind of diet is beyond amazing. Athletes need carbohydrates to fuel their long hours of practice. Protein is readily available in this kind of diet. Protein is needed to strengthen the muscles as well as help regenerate them when they get injured. Vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables allow the athlete to fight off illnesses. Other evidences of health benefits from this kind of diet include better sleep, better bowel movement, acne free, and overall good well being. These health benefits are very crucial to an athlete who wants to develop their career.

Other health benefits that an athlete will attain with the diet are lower body acidity and reduce inflammation. Omega-3 can be found in fish products. Omega-3 is well known to fight bad cholesterol in the body as well as reduce the amount of inflammation. Athletes usually encounter injuries that lead to inflammation and with omega-3, it greatly reduces the amount of inflammation that the athlete experiences.

It is recommended that athletes should eat before exercise. The recommended time is two to three hours before physical activity. Eating low to moderate set of meals can bring out the health benefits for athletes. During post workout, an athlete should eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates and protein. This type of meal can be found in a paleo diet. For the next few hours after that, eating another set of meal will hugely benefit the athlete. It will replenish lost vitamins and minerals and help the body recover from the recent physical injuries. With enough sleep and rest as well as the proper diet, an athlete will surely be able to recover fast.

Now, the question is how much protein, carbs, and fat should an athlete consume? Typically, proteins and carbohydrates should be consumed in large proportions than fat. Fat should still be consumed to provide absorption for vitamins and minerals. Proteins are consumed to help strengthen the body while carbohydrates fuel the body to do more. The key to successfully attain endurance and strength is diet and rest. With the right amount of sleep and proper diet, an athlete will be able to attain quality physical figure and maintain it as much as possible. During the latent phase of training or during those months where the athlete is not in training, it is best to greatly reduce the amount of food taken to prevent unwanted weight gain.

paleo for athletes

Course: Paleo In A Box – Performance Nutrition System For Athletes
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Duration: 6 weeks Training Course
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Normal Price:  $397
Trial: Special Offer $1 Trial
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Paleo on a Budget

Whenever you think about starting a new healthy lifestyle, price is always on your mind. Sure, it might be easy for the person on the book cover to go the store for fresh produce twice a day but when you are a working mom dealing with a family and a budget it just isn’t that simple. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can get around this predicament while keeping your budget, and your sanity, intact.
Be a Planner(paleo on a budget)

  • You don’t just want to plan your meals, but you also want to plan your budget. If your family is still eating processed foods, then you need to consider their grocery expenses on top of your own. If you are planning to eat out at all during your budget cycle you want to set that money aside as well so that you have it when you need it.
  • Planning your meals is also going to help you to cut costs. Figure out ahead of time all of the meals that you are going to eat and which ingredients you are going to need for those meals. Also, you want to plan the meals that your family will be eating as well. When you know what everyone is going to eat and when they are going to eat it you will cut down on those spur of the moment pizza delivery calls because you don’t have anything in the house.

Hit the Farmers Market Whenever You Can

  • A great way to get fresh foods is to shop at your local farmers market. Not only will you get a better idea of where your food is coming from, but you can also find a lot of organic foods at great prices. But even though it seems like a farmers market would naturally have all organic fruits and vegetables you still want to be safe and ask them before you buy, you might be surprised to find that not all vendors at the market are selling organic.
  • Another good idea is to carry a notebook with you when you go to the store and when you go to the farmers market. Write down the cost of the store bought organic product and how much you will get for that price and then do the same thing with the farmers market organic products. Even though you can usually get more for your money at the market there are times when going the store route might be the best option, (like if they are having a sale), and you want to be prepared for that.

Freeze, Freeze, Freeze

  • When you plan your meals, try to look for at least two or three options a week that you can freeze. Then when you make that dish you can make extra to freeze so that you have a dinner ready in a pinch. One of the great things about freezing things is that you will be able to make use of all of your ingredients and nothing will go to waste.
  • For example, the only way to buy green onions is in a bunch. But if you don’t need to make the whole bunch for your recipe than you risk the unused onions going bad before you make that recipe again. Instead, you can make a double batch of that recipe, use all of your green onions, and waste nothing.

Buy In Bulk Whenever You Can

  • While it might not be a good idea to get fruits or vegetables in bulk you can still save a bundle when you stock up on your other ingredients. Things like oils, nuts, and flour can be stored safely for months without going bad. Instead of buying these items every week at your health food store, do some comparison shopping. You might be surprised to find that a store like Amazon can offer you more of the same product for a much lower price. Also, you will have it shipped directly to your door, how cool is that?
  • One of the great things about eating Paleo is that you can do it on any budget. Most of the foods are things that you can easily find in a grocery store or buy online. As long as you plan your meals and make smart choices for your wallet you can be a Paleo superstar, even on the smallest budget.